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Which Crochet Hooks Are The Best For Your Hands And Your Project?

The old crochet hook has come a long way since the first Irish woman pinched a piece of tree bark with a wire hook to needlework her family out of the gruesome potato famine sweeping through Ireland in the 19th century. The craft has conquered the high street fashion brands and is trending all over the world, with celebrities like Katy Perry outing themselves as followers and keen crocheters.

Crocheting is easy enough to learn, too; you just need your hands, a set of crochet needles and let your imagination run wild. And that’s where the confusion starts. Which crochet hook should I buy, what size and at which price? For such a small tool the differences on the outcome can be huge. Should the hook be made of metal, plastic or organic bamboo? To avoid headache (and tendonitis), there is a thing or two about handle and shaft size, head sharpness and throat curve you should know before making your pick. It’s time to find the best crochet hook for your purposes and your hands.

Most crochet hooks have the same length, i.e. 15 cm. However, not all of them come with the same handle or shaft sizes. Depending on the size of your palms and the length of your fingers, you may find that some hooks are a better fit than others. There are hook heads with sharper throat angles which may be great for harder, thinner threads, but these get stuck in softer threads and wool, in return.

The thickness of the needle matters, too. The thinnest hooks have a head measure of a mere 1.25 mm, the thickest may be 15 mm strong. Newbies to the crochet craft often tend to have a tight sling. Therefore, it will be more relaxing for your hands to use a hook half or even one mm thicker than the recommended measure, when you  start.

KnitPro have designed a wide range of functional and beautiful crochet hooks. Here are some of our stars.

The Basix Birch Crochet Hook is made of one piece of untreated, light birch wood. With its silky and simple look, it is a fantastic needle to start with. There is no need for fancy design; the functionality of this crochet hook lies in the material. The birch wood prevents the yarn from sliding and gliding off the hook and your fingers at the same time. This hook is simply a pleasure to hold; it provides for a great crocheting experience and an even outcome. This is great if you are producing all kinds of home decor, bags, hats or plaids.

You can find the same design made of sustainable Japanese bamboo, as well. Bamboo tends to have an even smoother surface and is lighter than the Basix Birch. It is ideal if you are a fast crocheter and wish to use thick, but light yarns, as the thread will glide smoothly over the surface.

On the European market you can order these hooks as single items or in a set of eight hooks, which come in a handy, green case with vinyl cover.

Apart from the single ended version, you can also buy these same needles in the Tunisian design, i.e. with a cord, that can simply be screwed on the end of each hook. This great invention made by local Tunisian women over a century ago allows you to have the work in progress firmly rested in your lap, while you work on the other end. You can crochet entire dresses and huge plaids in one piece without having your hands or wrists tire from moving and dragging the workload around.

Metal hooks have been around since crocheting was invented, and I learnt the craft on an aluminium hook myself. The KnitPro Zing line comes in a simple, straightforward design with a flattened shaft, which is so important, as it gives your fingers rest and stability at the same time. Zing crochet hooks are made of light aluminium and come in elegant, inspirational colours. They are best for smaller, lightweight projects, like childrenΒ΄s clothes, wristbands, toys or little bags. And their cheerful look will make you want to start something new right away.

If you like to hold on to a hook of a more substantial size, the KnitPro Waves programme is your ideal crocheting partner. The needle is made of aluminium, whilst the handle is made of a softer, silicone material to give you a firmer grip. Again, it’s simplicity which works. The colour coded design makes it easy to spot the different sizes quickly. They are fun to use, come in sixteen different sizes and will give your hands wings, figuratively speaking. And if you look for a more minimalist approach you can find them also in black with a golden aluminium needle.

Have you spotted your favourite crocheting wand, sorry hook? That’s great. Now take a deep breath, because, well, here is the Symfonie Rose Set, an elegant, black

box (with silken lining) of eight shiny rosewood hooks made to worship your inner crochet goddess. These hooks have a shiny crystal incorporated on each end. Just saying.

Article provided in collaborations with Knitter’s Pride.

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