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Vintage Male Models

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One thing I love more than crochet pants — Vintage male models!

I don’t know why, but every time I see any of these vintage ads with a male model in them, it makes me smile.

It could be the fact that most times, the sweater they are modeling would probably look better on a woman?

Or it could be the serious expression of yarn lust they are clearly wearing?

But, I think the real reason is that they are just so purely 70s from the shag hair to the orange color hazed photo filter.

I always wonder if the orange color is from age, or was everything just that color?

Interesting Fact: DuPont (see their little logo in the bottom right hand corner of the picture) created the first acrylic fibers in 1941 and trademarked them under the name Orlon (Dupont website). They have since moved on to producing Kevlar fabric and sold it’s fiber business to Koch Industries (Dupont).


  • Ann Marie P.

    Deja- I don’t know what ever happened to the kid’s outfits (probably passed down to cousins) but I have pictures of some and I have 2 short sleeved knitted tops Mom made for work. I still hang them in my closet every spring and they still fit. I’ll try to post pics soon.
    Ann Marie P.

  • Ann Marie P.

    I too, get a kick out of these pictures. I have a few magazines of my mother’s from the 70’s and they make me laugh. Mom was a prolific knitter and crocheter and my sister and I still have a few things she made and I have some of her yarn. She used to knit us outfits like suits and dresses when we were small and into the 70’s we got sweaters all the time. We loved it and admire her talent. My sister knits well and I don’t, I crochet and she doesn,t.
    Ann Marie P.

  • Sharon

    All I can say is “if your going to be talking about Male anything the you have to have a picture”. My memory isn’t what it use to be…

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