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I Call Him… Mini Motif, bwah ha ha ha… (evil laugh)

Sorry for the Austin Powers reference, can’t say mini without picturing him.

Just 2 rounds, so fast and easy!
Just 2 rounds, so fast and easy!

Anyway, here is the newest Motif of the Month. It was a viewer request. She wanted basically a granny square with no spaces and just a few rounds big. This is the little guy I came up with.

These would be great for just about anything. You can piece them in so many ways: scarves, shawls, blankets, you can even use them as is for face scrubbies. Also get creative with the color. I used a variegated yarn, but you can make them two-tone, or a bunch in a rainbow of colors. Options are endless.

Let me know what ideas you have for them below, and go pick up the pattern and watch the video here. Lefties, I got ya here.

Let me know what you think