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Get Ready For A Funky Fall With The Punk Lemonade Knit Scarf – Now Forever Free


Introducing the latest forever-free knitting pattern: The perfect scarf to use that variegated yarn you just don’t know what to do with. This scarf design blends two contrasting shades of lightweight yarn to give a cool contrast look. Not only does it showcase the distinctive beauty of variegated yarn, but it also flaunts a fun and squishy texture.

And here’s the icing on the cake: I’ve got you covered with a free video tutorial too! The link below not only grants you access to the knit pattern but also guides you step by step through the entire process. So, whether you’re a knitting novice or a seasoned pro, you can create your project with confidence. Happy knitting!

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f elegance to your creations. The smooth texture and vibrant hues make it great for scarves and shawls.

Yarn Used

The scarf was made with Madelinetosh Yarn in a variegated and solid hue. This yarn is hand-dyed and comes in such beautiful colors as the one below.

Needles Used

You can either use straight or circular needles for this project. I always prefer circular needles so I can move my project to the cord when I’m not working on it to ensure nothing falls off. Some of my favorite needs are made by Chia Goo. Their Stainless Steel Needles help the yarn glide like butter and the cord is made from nylon which keeps it untangled. (affiliate link)

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