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KnitCrate February 2022 Reveal

Read on to find out what goodies KnitCrate has sent this month with the February 2022 reveal.

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Can’t wait to open it!

It’s that time again! I get to unwrap my KnitCrate and squish my new yarn and see what goodie they have included for me to play with. I love surprises, and subscription boxes are a guilty pleasure of mine. I subscribe to quite a few. KnitCrate sends me these for honest reviews, but I would truthfully still subscribe if I didn’t already get them.

Theme card of the month.

This month’s theme is “Land and Sea”. The included theme card reads:

There is magic between these great, lichen and moss coated trees. Follow the path to the hidden getaway, deep in the forest…

The theme card gives a preview of the patterns you will receive as well as some hints of the yarn inside. I try not to look at the back until I unpack the box, so I am truly surprised at what I get.

My first white yarn from KnitCrate.

Last month I received an almost black colorway and this month I got the opposite — a beautiful white. The colorway is called Limestone from Vidalana Ascendance.

Hank info

The yarn is 100% Peruvian Highland Wool. It is listed as sport weight but feels more like an Aran or worsted and contains a very generous 328 yards per hank and is, of course, handwash.

The yarn is not normally plied.

KnitCrate calls this type of yarn a “chainette yarn”. It gives a slight i-cord feel and I think that is why it seems more like an Aran or worsted weight yarn.  

Chainette yarn close up.

You can see the loftiness of the chainette yarn when I hold a single strand. I am very interested to see how it will work up and if that airiness will be lost once you make your project. Looking at the needle and hook recommendation, there is a huge range they give and I think using the higher side sizes will help to keep the loft.

My interesting extra.

My extra this month is from Katrinkles and seems to be an iridescent resin yarn needle on a felt sheep.

The backside of the card my extra came with.

I am saying that it seems to be a yarn needle because I am not totally sure. The card that came with it, didn’t give an indication of what it is, but it looks like a yarn needle to me.

Not totally sure.

The felt sheep is what is throwing me off. It is obviously made to hold the “needle”, but why? I went to Katrinkles website to see if I could find this item to make sure I was sure what it was. The closest I could find was the felt sheep with a regular metal tapestry needle pierced through it. It stated that it was a needle holder and came with a needle.

Another strange thing is how flat it is. It is flat on the top and bottom of the needle. It’s great that it won’t roll away, but it is very large and will only be able to be used for larger type yarn.

I like the iridescent color.

With all that said, I do kind of like it and hope it will be useful. The iridescent color is very cool and I will give it a try when I have my next bulky-type project.

I really like the knit and crochet patterns this month.

Vanessa Coscarelli Black / VanessaKnits designed the Woodland Magic Shawl above. The shawl detail is unique and mixes up the traditional triangle shawl. As I’ve stated before, I love that KnitCrate gives the designer Ravelry usernames so you can go check out their other designs if you are liking what you see.

Cute butterfly detail!

The crochet pattern for the month is the Butterfly Suprise Shawl by Alexandra Halsey / With Alex. The airiness of the shawl is perfect for spring and summertime.

Cozy socks

KnitCrate has a sock subscription as well as a regular yarn subscription. Both subscriptions receive the same booklet so regardless if you subscribe to the socks, you will get two patterns for a knit and crochet sock that you can try out. All Knit Up Designs brings us the cozy-looking knit Sand Lines sock pattern this month.

Short socks crochet pattern.

LasAbbey Swanson / The Firefly Hook created these textured Pebbles in Streams crochet sock pattern. I would call these slippers more than socks. I don’t know how comfortable these would be with shoes, so if anyone makes these, let me know below how you like them.

If you love getting surprises and great deals, KnitCrate is a steal for the quality of yarn you receive and the constant sales they run in their member central. If you want to learn more, check out what they have to offer by heading over to their website. Remember to use Deja20 at checkout. They let you stack coupons so whatever deals they have going on, you’ll get an extra 20% off as well.

Did you get a KnitCrate this month? What color yarn did you get? What are you going to make with it? Share with us below.

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