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Cute New Crochet Octopus Basket Is Free For A Limited Time

Time to get another one of my paid patterns for free – for a limited time only!

If you are new to my program, keep reading to learn about this free program, and be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out on these free patterns.

How does the limited-time free pattern work?

When I first release some (not all) of my paid patterns, I will be releasing them for free for a certain period of time.

How long will it be free?

It will vary from pattern to pattern. It could be a week or a month or some other amount of time. I will not be announcing how long it will be free. But, if you are a supporter who follows me, you will get first notice that the pattern is here, and you can download it immediately.

If you are not already following me, you should do that now. I will post on my website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube when a new limited-time free pattern is available. Follow me on your preferred platform to get notice.

On top of releasing it for free, I will also have a free video tutorial for the pattern repeat or some other component of the pattern that someone might need a little help with. The video will always be available so you can access it anytime you need it.

With all that said, it’s time for the next limited-time free release.

Octopus Basket

The Octopus Crochet Basket is a fun way to organize your space. The spacious basket would look great in an under the sea nursery. You can customize the color of the basket to match the decor.

The basket measures 28″ around and 10″ tall and holds a ton of stuff.

Leaving off the eyes gives it a modern look that looks great in minimal homes.

I used Bernat Velvet yarn in Softened Blue for the basket and Bernat Baby Velvet yarn in Emerald for the pupils of the eyes. This yarn is one of my new favorites. The colors are so beautiful and it makes the basket super sturdy.

This yarn is so soft!

You will be using a 5mm [US-H] crochet hook. I love and used Clover Amour Crochet Hooks for this pattern.

When you click on the link below to be taken to the video tutorial, you will see the pattern at the bottom of the page if you are still within the limited-time free pattern window. If you see links to my Etsy and Ravelry shop, you have missed the window and will need to follow me to get a notification when the next one is released.

Remember, following me is the best way to be notified when the patterns are released so you don’t miss out. Follow me now.

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