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It’s Finally Shawl Weather, The Next Super Sale Has You Covered. $0.50 Patterns ~ Limited Time Only

Get one (or two) of my paid patterns that are normally $3.99 for only 50 cents.

New patterns will be added regularly. Be sure to follow me so you don’t miss out on these deals.

Just a reminder, or info for someone new (welcome!), I am constantly trying to provide my followers with special deals, discounts, and freebies to help counteract all the other rising costs we are experiencing. My newest offering is a weekly(ish) 50 cent pattern deal on popular patterns in my shops. The deal will always last for at least 7 days, but some may last a little longer. Read on to see the latest deals. Also, let me know below what pattern you would like to see next for 50 cents and I might just do it! Leave a comment below to let me know!

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Check out this sale from Knit Picks/We Crochet That is Good Today Only (11/11)!

I had to take a moment to show this sale notice I just received from We Crochet (but also good at Knit Picks). This is the best price I’ve ever seen on their swifts. If you don’t have one already. I highly recommend you take advantage of this.

Ok, back to the patterns.

Portola Crochet Shawl

This women’s shawl is made with lace-weight yarn and can be worn in many ways. Light and airy when worn open as a shawl or comfy and soft when closed and worn as a scarf. This piece is great for any time of year.

Penumbra Knit Shawl

This beautiful triangle shawl gives you the look of lace, but with an easier stockinette beginning. You can cruise through half of the pattern with ease and then take your time to make the stunning lace that changes the look of the self-striping yarn.

Suggested Materials

The crochet version of the shawl uses lace-weight yarn. While the knit version uses worsted. I’ve listed a couple of my favorites below.

Gloss Lace
by Knit Picks

Chroma Worsted
by Knit Picks

Knit picks chroma worsted

Knit Pattern

Each pattern has already been discounted to $0.50 in both of my shops.

Crochet Pattern

There are no promo codes needed. Buy now before the sale ends.


Leave me a comment below on which pattern you’d like to see next on sale for 50 cents and you might just get your wish!

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