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I’ve Got Merch Now! Plus A Discount To Use

I’ve been working hard on designing and adding some fun knit, crochet and yarn-themed merch to my Etsy store. Read on to learn more about it and get your discount to use for a limited time. (Affiliate links)

Starting with Totes

I was tired of the generic knit and crochet merchandise I keep seeing with the same old sayings, usually made by someone who has never knit or crocheted in their life. I wanted to make stuff I would actually want to buy, so I started designing.

My first merch offering is a selection of project totes. I plan to release some of these designs in shirts and notion bags, so if you see anything you like that you want in a different item, let me know below and I will get to work on that.

Yarny Goodness Tote

I love big project bags that can hold a large amount. I’ve put this cute “Yarny Goodness” Design on this 100% cotton canvas bag so you can carry all your project supplies with ease.

Some features of the bag are:

  • Measures:15.75″h x 15.25″w and with a handle length of 21.5”
  • Material: 100% cotton sheeting with water-based inks
  • Reinforced stitch on handles
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Made in the USA

I hope you will love it as much as I do!

Never Forget Your Supplies Again With These Totes

The Crochet and Knit Project Checklist bags will ensure you always have all your necessary supplies before you leave.

Do a quick rundown on the bag and you’ll be set every time!

Last But Not Least – Some Fun “Mystical” Totes

The “Magic Crystal” Yarn Ball knows all the projects you are dreaming up. Your hook and needle magic make them come to life. Show your skills and love for knitting and crocheting with these fun totes.

Limited Time Discount

For the rest of February and March get 20% off these totes and anything else I might add to my merch section on Etsy. No code is needed, the discount is already applied.



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