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The Zombies Are Attacking!!!

Zombie Cake
Zombie Cake


My daughter loves the special effects make-up competition Face Off.

Because of this, she loves all things zombies (even though she has still never seen a horror film). For her birthday, she requested a “zombie cake.”

My awesome Aunt helped make the above happen. We got some Glow in the Dark Zombies from AmazonΒ and she and my Uncle made the tombstones and bare trees (made from tree branches found in the yard). She then had her cake maker put it all together. It was so cool that I had to share it with everyone. My daughter loved it and her birthday was awesome.

You can check out some close-ups of the cake below in the gallery.

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  • Julie B Green

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! My 6 year old would love to have a cake like this for his birthday coming up in May. Well done!

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