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Win A Pair Of The Cutest Scissors Ever

Win me!
Win me!

How cute are these HiyaHiya Kitty Snips?

I’ve been using these for a few weeks now and I absolutely love them!

The small size and hanging loop make them a perfect travel pair of scissors, yet they are strong and sharp enough to give me clean cuts on my yarn.

Now you can own a pair as well. I’m giving away a pair to one lucky reader.

How To Enter

Leave me a comment at the bottom of this post telling me your favorite animal.

Only one entry per person please. Entries will close Sunday May 25th, 2014 midnight Pacific time.
The winner will be announced on Monday the 26th.

I Need Some Now!!

If you simply can’t wait you can go purchase the snips right here.

And be sure to follow the blog so you never miss out on all this fun!

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  • Emily Hernandez

    I have to say I love all animals that have been mentioned but my favorite still is the turtle. Again because since they carry their house in their kind back they remind you no matter how heaven the load just keep on moving. Besides theses sissors kind of remind me if a turtle they come out of their shell do their job and go back in. Thanks for all your helpful videos. Hope to win

  • deidra jackson

    Cats are my favorite. I use to have a grey cat name Salem. Aww I miss him. I’m new to the crochet world and your videos have been a big help in teaching me. Love them thanks for the help!

  • Lisa Sexton

    My favorite animal is the koala but I love them all. Love all of your patterns. Thanks fo offering them.

  • Linda Brule

    Dogs. Abby and Joey litter mates (Maltese) will be 16 this November. Mom (Betsy) delivered Abby on Nov. 24 and Joey on Nov.25 (Thanksgiving) 24 hours apart. After the delivery and the holiday, Betsy and I took a loooooong nap.

  • Annette

    I love , love, my dogs. Faithful and loyal members of this family. They can brighten my day just by showing up at the door wagging their tails and smiling !!

  • Kristie

    I love my dogs! One is a 5 year old Jack Russell named Lucky. The other is a 2 year old Bulldog named Angel, who is deaf. Of course, all animals are lovable to me!

  • Bobbi

    I’d have to say I like/love dogs as my very sweet grand-puppy is a beautiful golden retriever and soon I’ll have 2 sweet golden grand-puppies!!

  • Kelly

    Oh my kitty snips?!!!! I absolutely love kitties…I have two of my own, old girls who simply believe they are part of the family…as they should. 🙂

  • Kim Howell

    I love dogs. Especially boxers. Fourteen years ago my husband felt bad because we had to get rid of the dog we had then that was considered to be mine so he bought me a boxer. We named her Gretchen. I had also just been fired from my the day I was supposed to return from maternity leave a few years before and was still upset. Gretchen healed me. For thirteen years that dog was my constant companion, it was immediately known that this dog was mine, we had a very special bond I have never had with another pet in my entire life. I lost her last year and my heart still grieves today. I don’t know if I will ever have the same relationship with another pet, I can only hope that I will, she was amazing.

  • kimberly edwards

    My favorite animal would have to be a horse. They are beautiful creatures. As well as very useful. Mr. Ed a horse of course.

  • Jeff Shumway

    My favorite critter has gota be a doggy, who else on this planet will tolerate our insanity.. Work endlessly to please us and protect us and asks for so little in return.

  • Jo Ann Lecuyer

    My favorite animal is the manatee. So loving and docile . So endangered. So ugly they are beautiful. But also love my cat.

  • Cathleen

    I love all animals but favor cats for their independent and silly fun spirit. They are so entertaining! We still have two of the six kittys we rescued 16 years ago and they are happy and healthy, sharing “their” home with our lovable boxer “granddaughter”, who is also very entertaining!

  • maddytn Madeleine

    Favorite animal…? Well, you didn’t specify domestic or wild, so that gives me the opportunity to share both! My favorite domestic animal is the dog. Large, small, purebred, or 57 varieties, a dog can truly be one’s best and most loyal friend. When it comes to the wild, so many animals come to mind. The tiger and his speed and agility. The elephant for his size and loyalty to his mate and herd. The playfulness and intelligence of all sorts of monkeys. But, based on appearance, I most love the giraffe with his slender, graceful, long neck and his gentle eyes accentuated by those fabulous lashes. Did you know that giraffes ruminate – most often while they sleep? One would imagine that to mean that the giraffe thinks deep thoughts even when not awake. Sadly, that’s not the case at all. When a giraffe ruminates, he is actually chewing the cud, similar to what a cow does.
    Looking forward to (hopefully) winning those cute little Kitty Snips!

  • Chris

    living where I do, I would have to say moose & bear (grizz or black cubs) are my favorite, even though they have become more rare to see. As for non-wildlife, would have to be a toss up between my dogs, horses, goats or cat 😉

  • Christyn

    That’s like asking which is my favorite child! Our critical cat mass is down to 3 – each a rescue and a fan of my new hobby. Sam stealthily lays in wait. As I work, if I get to a wet spitty part of yarn, I know Sam is around. Recently, I lingered too long reading instructions and he caused an unexpected join! The 2 girls just like to check things out. A furry head between me and what I am working on, or two paws on my leg to stabilize as they review my progress.
    Our rescued Bassadore pup, Clutch, has been chased around the first floor with a skein of yarn in his mouth and my work flying behind. He prides himself on his ‘snatch and grab’ ability. Their “help” is priceless. How could you not love them?

  • marilyn farnell

    My favorite animal is the bison because of the gorgeous bison down they produce for the most delightful yarn ever

  • Jane S.

    I’d have to say that cats are my favorite animals. We have 2 rescue cats that are real characters. There is something very soothing about petting a purring cat. 🙂

  • Bethel

    What gorgeous scissors…. look like they would be suitable to take on a plane too… My favourite animal is my toy poodle… she is our little Mate. <3

  • Joan

    My favorite animal is a basset hound! A who could resist those long ears and that face along with the wagging happy tails!

  • Leslie

    I love my dog, Bella. But I also love foxes, giraffes, wolves, bears, deer, raccoons, meerkats, lions, camels…you get the idea. 🙂

  • Mary

    I have 2 cats that keep me entertained. one is a rescue from a neighbor’s car engine. She is my wild girl. Jumps on my rocker/glider chair & knocks it over and she is a little girl. She takes a flying leap on the back of it & knocks it right over. The other cat is a big girl. She was adopted from my vet’s office.

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