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KnitCrate Reveal and More Giveaways!

What will it be today?
What will it be today?

New KnitCrates!!

Awesome stuff inside!!

Turn back now if you haven’t received yours yet!!

For the rest of you, here we go:

Yes, 3 full hanks this month!
Yes, 3 full hanks this month!

This month’s KnitCrate has made very happy.

Not only did they fill my bag with my favorite yarn colors, but they made my life so much easier!

They now list on their insert card what the value of everything included is. Makes my life so much easier. I used to have to go look it all up myself, now I can get the reveal out to you so much faster. So let’s dig in.

Free Patterns

2 Patterns this month!
2 Patterns this month!

KnitCrate gave us 2 patterns this month and they will be included in the giveaway that I will go into more detail down below. (value $13 for both)

These beautiful knit patterns are the kind that make me want to learn to knit better.

Promo Codes this month

The card also includes three promo codes that have various values depending on what you order from them. As always I don’t put the actual promo codes here because that would be wrong. I just let you know what you can look forward to if you were to subscribe.

  1. Buy 1 get 1 free from Mindy Wilkes.
  2. Spend $50 and get $10 or spend $100 get $25 off in the KnitCrate shop.
  3. Get any 3 patterns for $6 from Heidi Nick.

Great promo codes, especially the KnitCrate one. If you haven’t checked out their shop, you are missing out. They have so many kits, yarns, and notions available, they are like a whole yarn store.

Sweet Extra

Only 120 calories in the whole bag.
Only 120 calories in the whole bag.

This month we got a huge bag of Brownie Brittle by Sheila G. ($3 value)

They have all natural ingredients and even though I’m not a fan of chocolate (lost the taste for it many years ago — lucky me), I do love me some toffee and brownies. This was so good, I was glad it was only 120 calories a bag. You feel gluttonous without the guilt.

Fun Extra

Awesome extra!
Awesome extra!

Check out these Kollage Square Circular Knitting Needles. (value $17)

 These are designed to be ergonomically suited to your hands for decreased stress and strain to enable you to knit faster with uniform stitches.

I’ve always heard about square needles and wondered how well they work.

One of you lucky readers will get to find out. These are apart of the giveaway. So once you win you will have to let me know how you like them.

Check below for more info on entering.

Yarn Time

How did they know my favorite colors?
How did they know my favorite colors?

The yarn this month is 3 full hanks of Riveting Sport by Kollage. ($49 value for all)

Not only are these my two favorite colors, but I also got over 1000 yards of it. Each hank holds 350 yards of 100% recycled blue jean yarn. It’s mostly cotton (95% cotton, 5% other) and as soft as your favorite pair of jeans.

As will all the KnitCrate yarn, I have never used this yarn before so I’m very excited to try it out.

Giveaway Time

So for the knitter you will win the square Kollage Knitting Needles and the promo code for the two shawls included in the KnitCrate this month.

For the crocheter, I’m going to send you one of my favorite hooks:

The Clover Amour Crochet Hook, Size J, 6.0mm and a copy of my Verdant Shawl Pattern.

How to Enter

Leave a comment at the bottom of this post whether you prefer the knit prize or crochet prize and what is your favorite thing to knit/crochet during the summer.

Entries close Saturday, May 31st, 2014.  One winner from each art will be chosen and announced Sunday, June 1st, 2014. Open to US residents only.

Check out this short video reveal to see how big the brownie brittle bag really is.





  • Flo

    I would prefer the knit prize would love to try the square needles. During the summer I typically knit or crochet light shawls and wraps. Thanks so much for the chance to win….love your reviews!

  • Kelly Crane

    My Crochet is more along but I enjoy knitting as well. In summer, I like lightweight shirts shorts and this summer I have a pattern to knit or crochet street shoes/slides.


    Love kc giveaways hugs to you and family

    Lynda Prucha On Aug 19, 2014 2:03 PM, “Crochet Ever After” wrote:

    > agape4gigi commented: “I’m a crocheter and would love to win. I > crochet a lot of dish rags in the summer. hugs, Gigi > Owens”

  • Karen Hubbard

    I love to knit and during the summer I work on sleeveless summer sweaters. Although this summer, I’m kind of stuck…nothing to work on at this time. I enjoy reading your blog…thanks for doing this!

  • kmgriffin39

    I love to knit or crochet, still a beginner at knitting and learning how to read patterns. So I really like to knit or crochet smaller projects, like wash clothes, baby hats, booties. Hoping to improve my skills and take on more projects.

  • Laurie

    I love both crafts but right now am learning to knit Contental style to speed things up. Am currently working on projects for my brand new Great Nephew!

  • Rachel

    I crochet. This summer I’m attempting a stuffed hippopotamus. Don’t ask me where I got that bright idea. It’s a little above my skill level! 😀

  • marypaulined

    I prefer to crochet. I just started crocheting this past fall so I have no idea what to crochet over the summer! I’m currently looking for ideas. I’m thinking of experimenting with amigurumi and making baby stuff for soon-to-be mommies in my life =)

  • Gina S

    Hi. I’m more of a knitter but I crochet as well. During the summer I knit smaller lightweight tank tops or socks, even though I’m not wearing them as much. I’ve just started my first ever shawl, hope that goes well!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • April R.

    I would love to win the crochet price, the pattern is gorgeous! My favorite things to work on during the stuff are cowls, shawls, or baby things (depeding on how many pregnant friends I have at the time, currently 3!!)

  • Rebecca Flores

    I love to crochet! During the summer months I love to crochet small light weight patterns such as wash clothes, thin light weight shawls, or small items for the winter months (hats ,scarves)

  • delionqueen1

    I would love to win the crochet pack. I like making Beanies for newborns and lately I’ve been on a granny square kick, so that’s probably what I’ll be making this summer.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • miss agnes

    I’d love to win the crochet pack, just to motivate me to start learning crochet this summer. This is my main goal for the year, there are so many beautiful crochet patterns out there and I want to try some of them, starting with your shawl (well, maybe not right away, need to learn first…).

  • Laura

    I would love to win the Kollage circular knitting needles…..I’ve heard that the square needles are much easier on arthritic fingers (unfortunately, that’s mine) so I would love to try them out. Thanks so much for your generosity, Deja, in giving these away to some lucky person!

  • Michele Cunningham

    I would prefer the knit pack. I am an occasional knitter. I have made dishcloths, hats, scarfs and a poncho.

  • crafty one

    I would like the knit prize. I do not have specific items I make during the summer. I make whatever I fancy.

  • Judy

    I crochet but I am JUST learning how to knit with the Knitcrate for Newbies! So either give away would work for me! Learning knitting is not as easy as I thought but sure is fun!!

  • Margaret A

    Knitter here, I like to knit shawls and want to learn socks, but right now I am creating some finger puppet patterns for an underdeveloped country charity drive

  • Kelli

    I love to both knit and crochet. In the summer I like to knit dishcloths and socks and doggie sweaters because these projects are quicker and less likely to make me too hot while working on them. I would like the crochet prize

  • Jennifer galatad

    Knit: I enjoy working on lacy and airy shawls/scarfs in the summer. Would love to try out the square needles, how interesting.

  • Mishael Mathias

    I would love the knitting needles! I am going to be knitting a Philadelphia skyline blanket I designed for my brother and his wife as a wedding present with matching throw pillows with the love park statue and liberty bell on them.

  • Linda Scott

    I would love to win the crochet prize! I do both, but with a lively 3 year old I find that one live stitch at a time is enough. :). Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Julie

    I’m a brand new knitter, but experienced crocheter, so I’d prefer the crochet package. My projects don’t seem to depend upon the season, although I am less likely to be working on afghans or shawls in the summer.

  • Lisa Valdez

    I both crochet and knit, but I like knitting more because my hands don’t get as tired. I would love the knit prize!

  • LindaE

    I love your Knitcrate reviews. I knit and crochet but have really been getting into knitting this year. I’ve been making dish clothes as gifts and birds or all colors. I hang them on the curtain rode by the window and on the deck. They look so happy. I’ve seen the square needles at stitches south and would love to get a chance to check them out. Thanks for the lovely give away.

  • Gracen Strong

    Knitting has been a Godsend these last eight months since my drug induced stroke and subsequent disk surgeries in my neck due to stroking out on my stairway. One of the first tasks that I had to relearn was to knit. With most of my days these past four months waiting for the cartilage to regrow in my neck vastly involves laying on my back in an attempt to maintain the magic of my neurosurgeon’s work last March. This road has not been easily or even tearless (I was convinced that I had lost ALL mental capacity when I could not control my hands to make a slip knot). Countless hours and projects since, there is a new meditation as the yarn slips through my fingers. Each project is a step, a memory, but, mostly, a gift!

  • Katie H.

    I prefer knitting and like to knit year round. During the summer I enjoying knitting cardis and shawls. Light garments that can be worn when the weather cools down at night. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Sara

    I love the shawl pattern you are giving away for the crochet prize. My favorite thing to work on during the summer is actually knitting socks, or it seems to be this year. Going to start my second pair for the summer today actually. But I would totally put them on hold to make that crocheted shawl. 😉

Let me know what you think