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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

The winner of the Phydeaux hank is Carol D. with this comment:

I can’t pass up BLUE! I love color, period! Sometimes I’m in the mood for bright, bold colors. But I also really like items crocheted in more subtle pastels.

Congrats Carol!

Don’t worry if you didn’t win. I have tons of more giveaways coming up. So be sure to follow the blog to get instant notification when the next on is up.

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  • Mary Monk

    I watch you on ROKU, thanks for the left handed instructions. I belong to a knit and crochet group that meets once a week. Our average age is 72, our oldest is 92. We share patterns and encourage each other and those who come to learn new things. Several of us are left handed and there are no directions for us on most things, but we adapt. I crochet a lot of baby blankets and afghans. I always make a beanie for baby out of the same yarn as the blanket…….but since I saw Tessa, the turtle, I am also making a little stuffed toy in the same yarns to go with the gift.
    Thanks for this pattern and for the leftie instructions. I wanted to tell you that I stuff the shell with use fabric softener sheets; it takes about 5 of them. I am allergic to dyes, perfumes, and alas, wool, so the softener sheets I use are hypoallergenic. It is a great way to recycle. I washed and air-dried a stuffed toy and the sheets do not ball up or matt.
    Thanks again for your work, I am telling all my friends. Mary Monk.

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