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Knitcrate August 2018 Reveal

Knitcrate IndigoΒ Glow

I just got my August 2018 Knitcrate basic membership in the mail and I’m excited to show you what I received.

This month’s theme is Indigo Glow.

Instead of a regular card like previous months, this month’s them information came in a booklet that also contained both of the free patterns from this month. More on those in a minute, first the yarn!

This month I received Uru Yarn in a beautiful turquoise with deep indigo flecks.

Just look at how pretty the color is!

The colorway I received is Undertow and the yarn is a 100% Superwash Merino in a fingering weight. Each of the two skeins contains 417 yards so it’s perfect for either a knit or crochet project.

Then we can get to the patterns!!

Two beautiful shawl patterns came with the crate this month.

Gullywasher by Carissa Browning and Caribbean Escape by Jennifer Dickerson. Both beautiful, lightweight shawls that will make a great transition from summer to fall. Which one is your favorite?

What do you think of your Knitcrate? Did you get any other cool colors? Let me know below!

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