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New Viewer Request Tutorial ~ Basic Filet Crochet

This newest video will show you all the basics (mesh, increase, decrease, how to count the stitches with your graph) of working Filet crochet.

This is a super long and wordy video, so be warned. There is no going over how to crochet, you need to know how to double crochet and chain already.

Damask Doily
Damask Doily

Once you’ve learned all the techniques you can try your hand at the free Damask Doily pattern Β you see above.

Click here to start learning filet.

Lefties click here.


  • Donna Allen

    my favorite dessert has anything that I can find that is sweet sometimes it’s cupcakes sometimes it’s yogurt sometimes it’s cookies

  • Kathy

    Ahh, finally have a moment to THANK YOU for this video! I watched it as soon as I saw the post in my e-mail.
    I am self taught from girlhood from library books- yes, BOOKS. Now 54 and have been enjoying thread crochet in several forms for years. Just this past summer (2014) my daughters convinced me to enter two of my Filet pieces in our local County Fair (Grays Harbor County Fair, Washington State, Elma, Washington).
    To keep this short I will just say that one was a rectangle and one was “round”, but in an 8-sided form that had each join a “granny square” join to make it an octagon shape where it was all straight edges.
    NOW I can finally follow the instructions I didn’t quite understand in the books I still have!
    Thanks to YOU and this video, I hope to enter a much more intricate Filet piece in our fair this coming summer and maybe even get that “Grand Rosette Ribbon”.
    Again, thank you.
    By the way, I am so proud of the Blue Ribbon (1st Place) I got on each of my first ever entries, I didn’t dream I’d even be noticed among so much beautiful crochet work!

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