Knit and Crochet Ever After

Time To Get Some Viewer Requests Out There

I’ve been quietly trying to get my viewer request queue down, and I’m happy to announce, I’ve shortened it a bit. So without further ado, here are the latest tutorials for your viewing pleasure.

We Have Half Double Intarsia Crochet Tutorial

Lefties click here.

Also, How To Change Color When Working Foundation Single Crochet

Lefties click here.

And lastly, How To Crochet An Open Tube or Ring

Lefties click here.

I’m working on the rest of the queue so keep an eye out for those.

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One Comment

  • Mary Monk

    I just want to thank you again for the left-handed instructions. I have learned things from watching you that I had despaired of ever learning. I am 68 and have been crocheting for nearly 50 yrs and finally I can do reverse single crochet. I made your Solomon’s Knot Scarf with some left over “ruffle” yarn and it is pretty neat looking. I added a chain after the knot, and pull the long chain up from that …….seems to make the knot stay together better with the big yarns. Thanks so much for your show and your site. My Knit and Crochet group meets every friday at noon and the “girls” always ask me what I learned from you that week. God Bless You.

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