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New Stitch Tutorial Series

I am starting a new tutorial series based off easy 2 row repeat stitch tutorials. I will release in both knit and crochet. These stitch patterns are quick and easy to memorize because they are just two rows. Along with showing you how to make the stitch pattern, I will give you handy tips and ideas for using them.

Up first, the Knit Garter Slip Stitch. This stitch pattern not only has a 2-row repeat but is even easier with just a 2-stitch repeat as well.

Ribbed look with less stretch

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I used some of my KnitCrate yarn for the video as well as my favorite plastic knitting needles by Prym.

You can download the written pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

Have you tried this stitch pattern before? What did you make out of it? Let us know below.

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