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Love the Brady Bunch Vibe!
Love the Brady Bunch Vibe!

I think yarn companies need to have a retro label comeback. Like when you see the Count Chocula and Boo Berry cereal boxes at Halloween time. These fabulous labels would make fun nostalgic gifts. I might have to keep a look out on eBay to try to find one (nothing at this time).

If you have one laying around, I would love to see a close up picture of the label. My facebook page is a great way to send me pictures of that or any project you want to share.

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  • Diana

    I saw that afghan ad in probably 1973? Something like that. I ordered the pattern book, and bought the yarn at my local store but had to order “Apple Green” from Red Heart as the store didn’t have it. My older son always called it the color blanket and had to have it on his bed. My younger son and DiL have the afghan now. It’s been washed MANY times over the years and looks like new still. Memories!

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