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Time To Loaf Off ~ And A New Giveaway

Alert! New Slipper Pattern

This loafer is a fast project that produces a super comfy slipper. The top is crocheted as one piece directly onto the sole. You can even make it as one piece if you keep everything one color.


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Another Giveaway


I forgot to give away this Simply Soft Paints yarn when I posted my Slouchy Slippers pattern a little while back so now it’s up for grabs, along with this cute Namaste needle/hook case.

You’ll win both items by leaving a comment below letting us all know what you will be crocheting/knitting this summer.*

*Open to US residents only. Comments accepted until May 31st, 2015 midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen randomly and announced June 1st, 2015.




  • Julie D

    I’ve got a bunch of new patterns for tops that I’ll be working on this summer, plus might start on some Christmas gifts.

  • Christy Williams

    I will be working on (2) two baby blankets and bonnets for my TWIN granddaughters due in late August, early September. Love watching your videos. So here’s to wishing for more yarn to help complete all these projects!!!!!

  • Jane

    I will be crocheting scarves for family and friends and learning to steam block them like I saw in your video. No telling what else. Right now, I am crocheting the bias scarf you have on YouTube. Thanks for all of your great tuturials.

  • Jade I.

    I plan to finish crocheting my checkered scarf, maybe a hat for a relative. I have a lot of college to be dealing with so anything that I can get in and crochet I will be happy about. I want to eventually crochet myself either a throw or a blanket, I want it to be something that I can just work on at leisure and when I feel the itch to just crochet.

  • cindyzs/freespiritczs

    i am a newb so making all kinds of different things! mostly now making baby things as there are 2 new additions to the family! but am out of yarn so this would be great to win!! want to start making things for presents for that december thing, lol 😀 thanks for the chance

  • Julie

    I will be knitting some scarves for the upcoming football season this fall for our local university – going to be adding some bling to them this year!

  • Cropperhopper

    I just finished a shawl, and I be finishing an afghan I’m working on. I am trying to find a pattern for lace yarn to crochet. There doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of lace crochet pattern out there. I’ll have to keep looking, because I know there has to be more. I want free pattern off of the internet, because I can’t afford to pay for them. However, if I see some in a magazine, and I like the rest of the magazine, I will splurge and buy it. I’m not even sure what I want to make yet. I have 100 yards. I’m even thinking of knitting a pair of socks instead, but I prefer crochet since it’s easier for me.

  • Ruthie

    I am recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Prior to my fall, I had collected yarn for 26 years I’d amassed from every business trip or holiday,

    I was told I’d learn to cope with not speaking, reading or writing and I’ve taught myself all of the above.

    As for needle work, I hadn’t forgotten anything I’d learned re: knitting and crochet. During the upcoming warmer weather, I’m making saving up for some great cotton to make a sleeveless top that I’ve yet to design AND I’ll be making some houseware type items, like coasters and place mats out of Tunisian crochet, which I’m trying to learn. I find instructions difficult, and don’t know if I’m not learninig well or haven’t found good instructions so if anyone has a special online resource, please share!

    While learning to speak, write, rehabilitate, I lost my home and every cm of yarn. I’ve learned WalMart, at last viewing, had no yarn containing any wool.

    I found a bit better luck at Michael’s. Any recommendations on finding affordable natural fibers online would be appreciated.

    Thanks for reading and good luck to everyone!

    ps. My yarn collection: I’d find a local yarn store where ever I was traveling, purchase something decadent, like cashmere dyed in [clean] lobster pots made on Cape Cod. I only knit with natural fibers and lost it all [in more ways than one!] when my home was foreclosed on.
    I’ve moved from a 6 figure income [i wasn’t able to work at the start of my brain injury, forgot to pay for med insurance, lost it and paid cash for breast cancer treatment – it’s been 6 years and I’m free of cancer and free of a savings or retirement account]

  • Judy Ullmann

    Dreading the bathing suit shopping so leaning towards the idea of making my own in crochet. Any suggestions for the yarn I should use?

  • jbsews

    Slowly working on a large afghan for home. On the side, pattern testing for a face scrubbie. Just deciding what I like. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Natasha

    I’m getting that new spring shawl and floating triangles scarf patterns that you did last month… I’m making the scarf for my sister and the shawl for my mom. I got her a few summer dresses for Mothers Day that were sleeveless, she loves them but not a big fan of sleeveless so I figure that shawl would be perfect for the summer nights out!

  • joyce

    I have several wips to work on, including a shawl, a second sock, afghan, and I will need to make my grandson something for his birthday.

  • Mary Monk

    I found a afghan pattern that looks like stained glass (colored yarn with shaped border of dark yarn) and I am making long scarves iwith it. This paint yarn is perfect for this project, so far I have tried 3 of the colors. Also trying to figure out how to make baby flip flops as gifts.

  • Linda

    I’m working on my first knit shawl. I started earlier in the year but dropped a stitch and couldn’t fix it. I decided to restart using different yarn.
    I’m also working on my first cardigan it just needs a button band but will not have buttons.

  • Catherine Kay

    I crochet a sampler afghan each summer. I get to learn new stitches and have a completed afghan when the cold weather rolls around!

  • Lisa S

    I am making a yellow minion and a purple minion for my son. I am also going to make him a puss in boots. For my dad I am making a blanket with an alien head. For my sister I am making a hat with hearts and for my brother I am making a Harley Davidson afghan but I don’t think I can get that done before his birthday.

  • R Goff

    I’m crocheting Christmas presents- tea cups, a bag, a monkey, and finishing a blanket for my daughter. And anything else I can do!! Thank you for the opportunity!!

  • Michelle B

    I have so many projects I want to do this summer! First, I am going to finish a striped blanket I am making, then I have a pattern for a tunisian crocheted shawl that I really want to try! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Denise

    I hope to be getting all my Christmas gifts made so I don’t struggle finishing off a million different ones in a few months time! As always, I’ll be crocheting hats and blankets for various charities I’ve been making stuff for.

  • Renee M

    I’m going to work on shawls for my daughters. Each fall I like to give something I’ve crocheted to each of them. Considering I have four daughters I need to get started soon!!!.

  • Adrienne Carmack

    I’m starting a Building Blocks knit afghan to learn some new knitting techniques and add a splash of purple to my dark gray and black bedroom decor!

  • Heather Neenhold Devantier

    I’m trying to learn knitting on top of crocheting. What am I thinking? Anyway, I have a few projects. A baby shower coming up and a bathing suit coverup for my Mom to name a couple.

  • Anita T

    I started a new crocheted afghan this week for a 4 year old boy fighting neuroblastoma. It will spell out “Such a big miracle in such a little boy”. After that I will be making an afghan for my soon-to-be six year old granddaughter that spells out “I love you to the moon and back.”

Let me know what you think