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I brought up if you are starting on your holiday projects in this here giveaway.Β I’m not trying to pressure you, but I’ll be releasing some new Fair Isle patterns in the next few weeks and these are all great fast projects for your loved ones.

Each of the fair isle beanies can be made in a weekend so you can get lots of presents done in a short time. Plus the intricacy of the fair isle makes everyone think you spent much longer on them.

This super cute beanie is perfect for the dinosaur lover in your life. No matter their age, this beanie will fit them all.

You can use either a solid color or variegated yarn to create the fair isle pattern. This pattern is a great untroduction to fair isle crochet since it only uses two colors throughout.

Fair Isle is a technique where two colors are used in any particular row to create pictures or designs in your project. Don’t know how to do Fair Isle? Don’t worry, there is an extensive photo tutorial section (13 pages!!!) that will not only teach you how to create Fair Isle but also covers all of this:

1. Color Changing throughout the beanie including at the round join.

2. Catching the yarn to create short floats.

3. How to keep your yarn untangled.

4. Photo tutorial of stitches used on beanie brim.

5. How to keep your seam straight on your beanie.

6. How to make a magic adjustable loop.

The beanie includes full written instructions as well as a color chart for the Fair Isle portion.


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    My 5-year-old son loves this pattern!

    I am trying to buy it on my iPhone and I was able to add it to my bag, but I am not seeing a way to get to the bag. Using Safari.

    Any ideas?

    Thanks! Adrienne

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