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How I Block My Beanies

I get the question every once in awhile on how I block my beanies. So, I thought I would show you what I use in case you were wondering as well.

Hi, I'm Molly.
Hi, I’m Molly.

This is Molly, my mannequin head. I got her from Amazon. She is a cheap (don’t tell her I said that) styrofoam head that I use for blocking. Though she is a “adult female”, her head circumference and size is probably of a young girl. So when I block I make adjustments if needed.

Diamond Beanie Available Soon
Diamond Beanie Available Soon

Here you can see how much larger an adult size beanie fits on Molly. It Β covers her entire face and then I pin the edges loosely around the neck area.

I am usually blocking a beanie to make it softer and to flatten out the brim. Molly is great for this because she keeps the shape of the beanie. If I were to lay it flat to pin out the brim, I can get a crease where it is laid flat.

So if you like Molly and want one of your own, she is usually can be found for under $10 US on Amazon. I think it’s worth it for the ease in blocking it provides. Let me know what you think. How do you usually block your beanies?

And if you like the beanie pictured, it will be in the shop by the end of the week. Follow the blog to get notification when it is available.

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  • Sharon

    You can also get one from beauty supply shops such as Sally’s if you don’t want to wait for one to be shipped to you. At Sally’s you can become a member and get 10% off purchase too.

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