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Create Texture With This New Free Washcloth Pattern

Crossed Single Crochet Washcloth
Crossed Single Crochet Washcloth

Learn how to do a crossed single crochet with the newest Learn A Stitch Washcloth.

This simple two stitch repeat creates a fantastic texture that can be used for so many different projects.

The video tutorial will show you exactly how to make the cross over so even a beginner can make this project.

Download the pattern and watch the video here.

Lefties click here.

One Comment

  • Kathy

    Oh wow, I LOVE the texture!
    I can’t imagine after as many years as I’ve crocheted that I NEVER thought to “cross” a single crochet!
    I’ve “crossed” doubles and trebles, skipping two and three stitches before crossing back- WHY never a SINGLE? I have no idea!
    I will tell you that at this time I have tried this single cross with a cotton, a “regular” (because I’m not sure if I can name names) “worsted weight (4)” that every store such as a Mart stores carry, AND a lace weight sort of fuzzy thing that I have in my stash- 5 balls with no labels, but I think it’s an early attempt at an acrylic. It just doesn’t FEEL like a real animal and came out of a really old lady’s (yeah, even older than I am now and I’ve had it around for at least TEN years waiting for the goofy color to become attractive again) house.
    Anyway, I enjoy this particular stitch/texture very much and never would have thought of it myself.

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