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My 1st Pair!
My 1st Pair!

I finally finished my first pair of socks and am ready for even more. The class I took: My First Socks, was absolutely fantastic for learning how to knit a basic pair of socks. The instructions were very clear and showed common pitfalls and why things were done. The first pair is in worsted weight yarn so you can see all the stitches you are making. The class also included a pattern for a sock weight yarn pair that I’m working on next.

Now that I’ve finished these, I want to learn a new technique, but I can’t decide which one. So, I’m asking you guys to help me out by voting. What do you think I should learn next? Or what would you like to hear about? If you’ve ever wanted to knit socks, what would you want to learn?

My choices are below. I pay for all these classes myself, so consider that as well when choosing for me. If you happen to try one of these classes, these links will give me a little bit a moola that I’ll use to help me pay for my classes, so be sure to sign up if you are interested.

I did sign up for the class below already. It is a free knit along and has the same instructor from my first socks class. She was a great teacher and I think this class will be just as fabulous.

Knit-Along 2016: SocksFREE!!

Let instructor Lucy Neatby guide you to sock-cess! In this one-of-a-kind knit-along, you’ll receive two new lessons and a new design each month, so you can knit your way through three exciting knitted sock patterns. Start with the smocked Guernsey sock, as you learn how to work from cuff down, create a sturdy slip-stitch heel and work a toe chimney. Then, move on to the toe-up Serpentine sock, where you’ll knit beautiful cable patterning, the garter short row heel and even a nifty I-cord cuff. Want a project with a little more color? You’ll complete your knit-along with the Windowpane sock, as Lucy teaches you how to work a double-thick cuff, a two-color slip-stitch leg and the swirly star toe.


So here are the choices:

Knit Original Cuff-Down Socks – $39.99

Master the traditional method of knitting socks with expert knitter and author Donna Druchunas. Donna guides you through sock fitting, heel shaping and stitch pattern choices. You’ll learn to use three different needle types (double-pointed needles, two circular needles or the magic loop). Even super-experienced sock knitters will discover inspired variations on heels and toes, stitches, yarns, needles and colors. Whether you customize the universal pattern, or tackle one of Donna’s three bonus sock designs, you will love the results.

Knit Original Toe-Up Socks – $39.99

Embrace the time-tested method of toe-up knitting! Join popular instructor Donna Druchunas, and learn how to create your own seamless sock design by mixing and matching different features. Start class by learning about the anatomy of a sock before moving on to the shaping and stitch patterns you can use. For toes, Donna will lay out the steps to the moccasin toe, the wedge toe and the short row toe. When you move on, you’ll discover how to create afterthought heels, gusset heels and short row heels. Want to ensure sock success before you start? Donna will guide you through taking accurate measurements and planning your sock using an included worksheet. Plus, you’ll learn great tips and tricks for polished finishing and receive three free patterns included with class!

Knit Sock Workshop – $39.99

Designer and author Donna Druchunas walks you through knitting socks from the ground up. From casting on to binding off, Donna details simple steps to make intricate sock patterns easy and enjoyable. Once you’ve worn handmade socks, your feet won’t be satisfied with anything else. Donna introduces you to knitting from the toe up so you can try on the sock as you knit and adjust the height of the cuff. You will discover two techniques for starting a sock, three different heel techniques, and usefuls tips and tricks like the figure-8 cast-on and stretchy bind-off. Learn to read charts and use double-pointed or circular needles to create lace and stranded colorwork in the round.

Essential Techniques for Sock Knitting – $29.99

Conquer sock knitting essentials that ensure success! Join designer Ann Budd and learn little details that make things easier at every step. During class, you’ll see how to knit identical socks toe-up and cuff-down, and find out how to troubleshoot any tricky situations that pop up along the way. Ann will begin by demonstrating how to take accurate measurements before helping you conquer popular sock cast-ons and bind-offs. For variety, you’ll discover new heel and toe styles, and Ann will share methods for shaping. With these skills you can accommodate for the unique features of any feet! Plus, throughout class you’ll learn the classic techniques that lead to great socks, from picking up stitches to grafting.

I’ll be making my choice once I finish the sock weight pair I’m making, so hopefully within a week or so. I’ll let you know how it goes.



  • Laura

    I already commented (I think I was the first comment, actually) but it isn’t showing up so I’ll give it another go. I voted for the Toe Up Socks since toe up presents a whole other component to sock knitting. Although I still prefer top down, there is so much more that toe up teaches you and in this way, you could choose which one is your favorite and pick up tips from both methods. I’ve knitted 2 socks at the same time on circulars many times but by and large, I still prefer my dpns. What I do is have both pair going at the same time and I knit 3″ on one, then 3″ on the second one and so on for the entire pair. This way also helps to make sure that whatever little tweak I do on one sock will be identical on the other. Plus, it works out well for me so in that way I don’t wind up with that Second Sock Syndrome. By the way, your socks turned out beautifully for your very first attempt. I know though, that you’ll get ‘hooked’ and be knitting many pair of socks in the future. ☺

  • notswife

    Hi Deja. I ordered a dvd from amazon, The Art of Knitting & Crochet. I got thru most of the sock part but am stuck on the shaping of the toe. The dvd cuts off the teachers voice and I am not a lip reader even if I could see the teachers lips moving. Can you recommend another dvd about sock knitting? 3xthey have sent me a replacement. Amazon is disappointing in the quality of what they sell. I hope to find better service else where. I prefer dvd so I can rewatch over and over till I get it right. Online classes are nice but they use up my internet time so dvd is best for me. Thank you in advance….Happy yarn days everyone.

    • Deja Jetmir

      Hi there, that’s no good about the sound cutting off. πŸ™ Unfortunately I haven’t noticed any sock knitting DVDs. I’ve been sticking with the Craftsy classes, but I will keep a look out and let you know if I find one. πŸ™‚

  • Marilyn Kolako

    I can’t wait to see the tut. I’m a New knitter..working on my second knit scarf..You think I can do with those skills. K1, p1, k2toge, m1and decreases

    • Deja Jetmir

      Definitely. The sock was basically ribbing, then knit in the round and then decreasing with K2tog and SSk. So if you can do that, you can make the socks. It was really easy with the video. πŸ™‚

  • Neesie

    I do my socks two at a time…then you don’t have what we like to call SSS….Second Sock Syndrome. This is where you are tired of the pattern and never do get around to making the second sock! :o) Toe up is a great way to use a skein of yarn that you are not sure how much yardage you have…then you can knit the cuff until you run our of yarn! ;o)

    • Deja Jetmir

      I am going to try two at a time this next pair. I’m winging it with what I learned from the knit in the round class and working my 2nd sock on circs. So we’ll see if I can figure out what to do once I get to the heel flap. eeeee 8-0 . I like the idea of the toe up with the yarn yardage. I didn’t think of that. Plus i haven’t done a toe up yet and would like to learn that for sure to see what I like better.

  • whereamiknitting

    I have the class by Donna toe up. I prefer toe up, you can try on your sock as a you go. I have a narrow foot and skinny ankles, and can adjust the width easier. At least for me. I would wait till those classes go on sale.
    Glad you enjoy sock making. I took a class at my lys on knitting socks flat. We used the book, “Knit your socks on straight” by Alice Curtis. So much easier. She has lots of patterns and pretty much love a lot of them.

      • whereamiknitting

        There is a seam done by crochet that is incorporated into the design
        would it be wrong if I took a picture for you? I think Amazon might have the book and show some pic. I’m much more relaxed when knitting flat. Hahaha

      • Deja Jetmir

        That sounds cool. I think a picture of just the look (Not including instructions) would be fine. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind the extra promotion. You can upload it to my facebook page if you would like. πŸ™‚

      • whereamiknitting

        Good morning Deja. I’ll post some pic only to your FB. she even has a practice sock to make, left and right
        Very similar to your first sock. Made each sock in a day. I looked at the Craftsy Sock KAL, and started digging through my sock yarn. Lol😊

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