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Win me, or me, or me, or me! Counter Ring Giveaway Bonanza!

Ring copy
The super awesome guys over at sent me these 4 rings to do what I want with, and I’m giving them all away!

I bought one of these rings a couple of months ago and got an extra to giveaway. The folks at Critsuccess saw and contacted me and asked if I wanted some more rings to review and giveaway. Of course I said, “YES!” What I didn’t expect was four rings being sent. They were so generous and now I’m sharing them with you.

I am so impressed with the design and function of these rings. You have to see my video review below to see the beautiful colors and how the ring actually works.

My ring is now my go to counter for every project I make. It is in my bag (or on my finger) at all times. I know that you will love yours too.

How The Giveaway Will Work

I’m going to be giving away the rings over the course of the next couple months. They will be given away one at a time.

The first winner (see below how to enter) will get their choice of any of the four colors seen pictured. The sizes for each color are:

Rainbow – size 9

Black – size 9

Blue – size 8

Gold – size 8

Each subsequent winner (new posts will be started for each giveaway, so be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already), will get their choice from the remaining rings.

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How To Enter

Enter a comment in this post letting me know what your go to counter is at the moment. Do you use a locking clicker, a piece of paper or something else? Let me know and you may win a new and improved counter!*

*US residents over 18 only please. Entries accepted until May 15th, 2016 midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen and announced May 16th, 2016.

Can’t wait to see if you win one? You can buy your preferred color and size now at





  • Betsy

    I never even knew there was such a thing as a counter lol! I taught myself how to crochet about 12 years ago. I got frustrated, due to pen and paper counting, I got halfway done with a blanket and realizing 2 of the 3 Tunisian panels I had worked so hard on were counted wrong, 2 were way to long. I didn’t know how to undo it, frogging I know now, properly I tried and was so mad at myself I packed it away and never went back. It’s only recently that my love for crochet resurfaced and now I realized how much I missed it. Imagine how helpful these would’ve been lol. They’re beautiful, thank you for introducing me to these fun counters. I definitely need this in my crocheting life!

  • Carol D

    Use stitch markers every, for example, 20 stitches. Then keep track on paper. Have pen/pencil right here where I work and a scrap paper pile waiting. Very frustrating if I forget to write down. But having stitch markers are regular (known) intervals does help – a lot!
    NO silicone! use the plastic locking stitch markers. On and stay on til you want to remove, then remove easily with NO snagging!
    Get rid of the silicone! you’re now working with extremely hot yarns (at least not temperature hot!) so you really don’t need silicone…
    I’d LOVE to win one of these. Recent trips (mostly to visit my (grown) children and grands for their special occasions have depleted my “disposable income” for a while.
    Thank you for the opportunity!
    PLEASE! I really, really, really could use one of these.

      • Carol D

        and forgot to mention – JUST in case (I am still hoping against hope!) I think the Blue would work best for me, size wise.(plus blue is my fav color).
        this antique brain is making it more difficult to keep track of stitch/row counts… if I don’t win, I’ll be sad and have to ask my personal “Santa” for a gift, perhaps.

  • Amber

    I picked up some silicone stitch markers, but I don’t like how the silicone sticks to the yarn. Especially with this metallic yarn I’ve been working with lately.

  • Abigale D.

    These rings are awesome! I keep a fun pen and little notepad in my crochet basket for keeping track. Nothing fancy but not a big deal when a two year old decides to run off with it lol!

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