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Win me, or me, or me, or me! Counter Ring Giveaway Bonanza!

Ring copy
The super awesome guys over at sent me these 4 rings to do what I want with, and I’m giving them all away!

I bought one of these rings a couple of months ago and got an extra to giveaway. The folks at Critsuccess saw and contacted me and asked if I wanted some more rings to review and giveaway. Of course I said, “YES!” What I didn’t expect was four rings being sent. They were so generous and now I’m sharing them with you.

I am so impressed with the design and function of these rings. You have to see my video review below to see the beautiful colors and how the ring actually works.

My ring is now my go to counter for every project I make. It is in my bag (or on my finger) at all times. I know that you will love yours too.

How The Giveaway Will Work

I’m going to be giving away the rings over the course of the next couple months. They will be given away one at a time.

The first winner (see below how to enter) will get their choice of any of the four colors seen pictured. The sizes for each color are:

Rainbow – size 9

Black – size 9

Blue – size 8

Gold – size 8

Each subsequent winner (new posts will be started for each giveaway, so be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already), will get their choice from the remaining rings.

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How To Enter

Enter a comment in this post letting me know what your go to counter is at the moment. Do you use a locking clicker, a piece of paper or something else? Let me know and you may win a new and improved counter!*

*US residents over 18 only please. Entries accepted until May 15th, 2016 midnight Pacific time. Winner will be chosen and announced May 16th, 2016.

Can’t wait to see if you win one? You can buy your preferred color and size now at





  • Dawn white

    I use a locking clicker. These rings look awesome! Love the rainbow color. Thank you for showing these. I hope to win one and if not, will have to buy one!

  • KuuIpo

    I use a Post-it placed on my pattern near the row that I am working. This way, The ring, of course, looks much nicer and I would love to have the chance to give it a try.

  • Cora Regina

    I use the Clover Kacha-Kacha, of which I have around four so that I can bag them with different projects. I also use them in tandem for projects that have a lot of rows, with one being used for ones/tens and the other being used for hundreds.

  • rita23gn2gd

    Believe it or not, even though I have a number of row counters, the one I use the most is paper and pen. The reasons for this are simple, I tend to put down my row counters and then I forget where I put them. The papaer usually stays with the project. I love this idea though! thanks for showing me!!

  • Tina Krieger

    A beginner here! I’ve crochet 3 scarfs and am currently on my first blanket! I’Ve been counting after I finish a row and learning a counter would make this a lot easier. I am a hospice RN that has fallen in love with crocheting as it is great to help me unwind after stressful days!

  • Nicole Vaughn

    These are amazing!! I just use stitch markers and count a bazillion times and still end up frogging! I had a clicker counter, but I managed to lose it. I don’t think I’d ever take this ring off!!

  • Audrey

    I have several different types of counters, but haven’t yet found the “right” one… so, I usually just end up using pen and paper. Would love to give this new design a try…

  • Colleen Dixon

    Most of the time I use pen and paper, but sometimes I just stop and *attempt* to count the rows by sight (that doesn’t work so great for me all the time). πŸ™‚

  • Kathy Kincheloe

    I do have a finger counter – but never use it. It is bulky and cumbersome. Would love to win one of these!!

  • Alison lawson

    Right now I use one of the counters you wear around your neck but my little one loves to play with it so I always loose my place she always ends up with it.The rings are an awesome idea and I could really use one . Thank you for sharing them that is a cool thing to do and I love you channel. God bless

  • Alison lutz

    I use an app on my phone.. But sometimes I forget and have to go back and count. This ring would be great!!

  • Elaine

    These are really nice! Would love to win one!
    Right now I use a digital counter that straps on a finger. It is square. The ring would be a better choice.

  • BovMichelle

    What a great tool! Thanks for the review, and the opportunity to win a counter ring.
    My iPad is usually close at hand when I crochet, so I currently use an app called Count Meme. However, that drains the battery on my iPad quickly since I’m constantly keeping the screen on to advance the counter.

  • Jodi

    This looks like it would work great! Currently I use one that goes on the crochet hook but it s starting to crack. It can’t be adjusted to fit on different sized hooks, so it is very limited in use.
    Thanks for the chance to win πŸ˜€

  • Dulcina Corn

    I use two different ones . One slides on the needle(uck) and a Ablet bracelet. the ring would be so much easier !!! I love all the colors!!!

  • shawaad

    My current counter is the little knitting thingy that hangs on the end of the knitting needle. I pin it to my pieces and more often than not I forget to change the numbers.

  • Phyllis Davis

    Great product – would love to win one. Crocheter and usually just use pen and paper but do have a cheap plastic counter but it’s really not efficient. This one looks much better in size 8 and blue for me please!

  • Mandy Valentine

    My go-to counter is a piece of paper that has a bad habit of walking off with one of my childre. I would love to win one of these to make keeping track of my rows that much easier.

  • Raymona Pemberton

    I love this idea. Trying to use paper is such a pain. Keeping track of the paper is even harder!!

  • Sharon in KY

    Really like the way this ring counter. Right now I have a finger clicker or I right each row down. Most times I forget to keep track, not good. Would like to get one of these….

  • Mary

    I use a clicker counter…and sometimes I like to use a pen and paper. I guess it truly depends on my mood :).

  • Patsy Gibbs

    I am a beginner crocheter and am thrilled to have found this site. I don’t have a counter yet and am counting and writing it down on pieces of paper. You make it fun to learn crochet.

  • Elyse

    I currently keep count using either an app on my phone or a cool little counter bracelet my mom got for me πŸ™‚

  • Mary Monk

    I use stitch markers spaced out (every so many stitches or rows) I love the colored ones that look sort of like safety pins. I have little brass page markers that I use on my patterns to keep track of what row I am on. Would love to try these rings.

  • Diane Bradley

    I use a knitting clicker counter and also hash marks on paper because I can never find the clicker when I need it. Wearing a ring like this would make life so much easier! And they’re super cute.

    Thanks for the givaway! Good luck to us all!

  • Stephanie Fricke

    I just make tick marks or tally marks on a scrap piece of paper laying around the vicinity of my project and stuff it in the bag with it my project when I put it aside and hope not to lose it, which I sometimes do!

  • Michelle Cooke

    I most often use another crochet hook and lay it on the pattern. I have to say this doesn’t work well at all and I usually spend time recounting…. : (

  • Yolanda Leon

    I sometimes use a clicker if I can find where I put it down, if not I use paper and pencil. It sounds like I can wear this ring counter and not lose my place or it.

  • Lana Jones

    I normally use small stitch markers or short pieces of scrap yarn. Tried pen/paper but would always lose the paper. Can’t reli on memory anymore “ha ha”. Ring counter would be most beneficial in blue or gold please.

  • Laura

    I used to use a click counter. Still have it but toddlers think they are so fun! And I have 2 toddlers…. So I’m using pen and paper right now. Which is actually great for tracking color changes on my current project. I’ve also tried using an app but it lost my count when I closed the app! Guess that’s what I get for using a free app. LOL

  • Christine

    Depending on what I am working on I will use a piece of paper for something with a X amount of rows/rnds repeat. If it is an amigurumi I will count out the total # of sts for up to a total of 50 sts. If it is something real simple I just remember in my head..which sometimes fails ;). And if someone interupts me or I get called away from project I have to do lots of math. A ring would be very helpful as it would be with me and I could adjust ASAP even with interuptions!

  • Kathy Maples

    Depends on the pattern and how much I have to count. Sometimes I count in my head, and of course recount several times!!! I also use pen and paper. Sometimes I reuse the list, and make sure I don’t get confused be the previous count!!!

  • Rachel Shirk

    I use a piece of scratch paper. :/
    I definitely need a better way to count my rows because if I lose the paper, spill on it, accidentally throw it away, etc….. I am completely lost.

  • Chris

    I just use the basic, pencil and paper plus I count and recount and recount again. It’s awful πŸ™Š.
    (Blue one please)

  • Natasha Habig

    My go to counter are usually stitch markers. They are easy to see and count real fast. I used two different sizes, the big ones are like rows with multiples of twenty or thirty ext ext and the small ones are like single rows or multiples of five.

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