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Another Counter Ring Giveaway And 50% Off A Couple Of Patterns


I bet you were wondering what happened to the Counter Rings.

I didn’t forget about them or you. I was just waiting for the super generous guys of Critsuccess to hook up their new, knit and crochet-focused website.

The Counter Ring is now live.

I love these rings, and I still use mine whenever I have a project where I need to keep track of rows. It is always in my project bag, and I am contemplating getting a couple extra so I am never without one.

In case you are new to the Counter Ring, check out my video to see it in action.

I was given four rings from The Counter Ring company and Β I have three left to giveaway.

How The Giveaway Works

I’m going to be giving away the rings over the course of the next couple months. They will be given away one at a time.

The next winner (see below how to enter) will get their choice of any of the three remaining colors seen pictured. The sizes for each color are:

Rainbow – size 9

Black – size 9

Blue – size 8

Gold – size 8

Each subsequent winner (new posts will be started for each giveaway, so be sure to subscribe to the blog if you haven’t already), will get their choice from the remaining rings.

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How To Enter

Enter a comment in this post with what kind of free patterns you would like to see me make videos for this year.

*US residents over 18 only please. Entries accepted until January 31st, 2017 midnight Pacific time. The winner will be chosen and announced February 1st, 2017.

Can’t wait to see if you win one? You can buy your preferred color and size now atΒ The Counter Ring.

New Pattern and Updated Companion

The Frozen Snowflake Beanies are on sale this week only.

The crocheted version is updated with the new easier-to-crochet formatting. And the Knitted Version is brand new.

Get 50% Off Both

Use promo code: frost50 during checkout to get one or both patterns 50% off.*

Note: Craftsy does not have promo codes, so the price shown reflects the discount already taken.

*Offer good until Jan. 9th, 2017 midnight Pacific time.

Buy Now On Your Fav Site:




Need Some Yarn?

The Knit Frozen Snowflakes Beanie is also a new kit on Craftsy (sorry not 50% off). The kit includes the yarn and pattern to make the project.Choose from many color combos here:


Sprightly Frozen Snowflakes Beanie Hat Knitting Kit – $9.52

from: Craftsy





  • Sherry Bowman

    I would love to see tutorials for different stitches until we have learned EVERY one out there! And I would love to see patterns for dresses, sweaters, and skirts. I love your left-handed videos for us ‘oddballs’. πŸ™‚ I am excited to be your next winner of the ring counter. (How’s that for positive thinking?)

  • EKKentner1960

    good morning…. love this counter ring thing…. I’m looking for a video or something for storing and carrying your crochet project in progress (something big enough to hold your skeins of yarn and possibly big enough to hold a lap blanket in progress), with inside pockets to put tape measures ,hooks,and scissors so its all handy no matter where you take it

  • Deborah

    Just to add to my last comment coffee cup cozies that fit the cups at Starbucks. That size and for the mugs just your typical coffee mug. Just wanted to make that a little clearer. Thanks again

  • Deborah

    Mine are pretty simple to most but I am a beginner and a lefty so I love your videos. I would love to see coffee & mug cozies, headbands, fingerless gloves and those beaded crochet necklaces if that’s something you do. Also I believe they are called motifs (I think) owls, skull, and cats so they can be added to the headbands & cozies. Thank you for the opportunity and I really like that black ring.

  • Rae Ann Hopper

    I love all the ideas. I have never seen a pattern I didn’t love. But I would really like more patterns and tutorials for men. Perhaps you could partner with another site of manufacturer, etc. to create patterns.

  • Hildie Johnson

    I love this counter ring give away! How about more patterns on fun potholders and coasters? Say, grapes, a pear, or even a mushroom. I think people would love more fun looks for their normal kitchen accessories! Plus, these kinds of patterns go hand-in-hand with a counter ring!

  • Michalina

    I think the counter rings are a great idea! And I would love to see crocheted socks. Thank you so much for offering the rings!

  • Robin

    Boot cuffs and more boot cuffs! Lots of texture and multiple sizes! The rings are the bomb! Sure would beat my sticky note and pen system!

  • Deirdre

    I would enjoy a different fingerless glove pattern. Thank you for the giveaway & all the awesome videos! My daughter is a lefty (I’m not) so the videos have been a great help to her..

  • Rita Dean

    I would love to see a pattern for the simple cotton half hexagon rugs that I used to make many years ago with cotton yarn. I am older and can’t remember how I made them also why I would love to win the ring counter size 8

  • joyce hancock

    I am really into making toys for my grandchildren and new babies in the family. It would be nice to see a tutorial on a new stuffed toy.

  • Michelle

    Hi! I would love one of these counter rings…fingers crossed! Patterns that I would like to see are for home decorations and perhaps accessories that work up well as gifts. Have a happy and healthy new year, blessings.

  • NV Chenausky

    It’s all about supersized cardigans, scarves, and wraps at my home this season (Have you seen the picture of Lenny Kravitz in a blanket wrap on Facebook or YouTube, and probably Pinterest, too?) Add some cables and we’re off and running.

  • Kimberly

    Hi Deja! I would love to see you do a baby sweater video. I love all of your tutorials and your patterns I have. Thank you!!! The ring would be awesome, but I honestly feel very blessed already from all the tips and pointers, patterns etc…
    Happy New Year to you & yours!

  • Laura L.

    Hi Deja, I would love to see you create more amigurumi as I’m new to making these. I love your way of teaching…..thorough yet you take your time so that we can see each and every stitch and just how to work it. Thanks so much for this opportunity to win a counter ring…..since I knit and crochet, winning one of these would be doubly appreciated. My favorite is the gold one.

  • Mandy

    What a neat idea! I would love to win one too. I would like to see an easy pattern for a delicate crochet skirt. I’ve seen some patterns but they all looked too complex and intimidating so I haven’t tried to make one yet.

  • Crystal Thompson

    I would like to see more crochet versions of fair isle type hats. Cowls/scarves with similar colorwork would be lovely, too.

  • Colleen cahal

    Ok….. here goes… “I hope I win a counter, I hope I win a counter”!! Can you here the song i wrote in hopes of winning a cool counter for my 2017 projects?! I crocheted your owl basket patternfor my daughters bday in November. It was a hit; family and friends wanted to know “WHO” made it! Ha!
    Well, I tried winning a counter last time you were giving them away….. guess we’ll have to wait and see!
    Happy 2017,
    Colleen Cahal

  • Donna Moore

    I love to crochet useful items to give as gifts. Hats, pot holders, wash cloths, scarves, and anything that is unique. I also love to learn new techniques. I am a beginner and also love easy peasy projects.

Let me know what you think