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Misc. Stitch Tutorials

Learn all kinds of Misc. Stitches with the videos below.

5 DC Bobble AKA Cluster Stitch

This stitch is used in two of my most popular patterns, 1) Tree of Love Afghan and 2) Hootie Who ...
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Basic Filet Crochet Tutorial

This video will show you all the basics (mesh, increase, decrease, how to count the stitches with your graph) of ...
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Broomstick Lace Tutorial

Learn how to make broomstick lace with this specific tutorial. Here is the knitting needle I'm using ...
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Double Treble Crochet Tutorial

This video will show you how to perform the double treble crochet stitch ...
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Picot Stitch Tutorial

You can use them on a corner to get a nice pointy edge. You can use them as an edge ...
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