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Turn A Triangle Into A Rectangle

No, it’s not magic, it’s simple crochet joining of triangle motifs into rectangular strips so you can make a blanket.

This is a combined viewer request video.

One person wanted to know how to connect triangles into a blanket and the other wanted to see how to whip stitch motifs together.

Not only did I whip stitch, but I also joined with a single crochet join so you can see both techniques. One will create an almost invisible seam (whipstitch), whereas the other (single crochet) will give a fun 3D effect to one side of your blanket/project. Check out the video below to learn more.


  • Charlene

    Hi I have a question. I’m making a throw and I’m very new to crocheting. I’m making a Puerto Rico flag. I have the triangle done but I’m now trying to work on the stripes and I’m struggling to go from triangle to rectangle could you please help me.

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