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KnitCrate Feb 2014 Reveal With Giveaway ~ Caution ~ Possum Inside!

The Red Package Has Arrived
The Red Package Has Arrived

I just opened up my February 2014 Int/Adv KnitCrate and I am so excited to share with you what I received. As always, if you’re a subscriber and don’t want to know what’s inside, stop reading now!

KnitCrate Unpackaged
KnitCrate Unwrapped

For those of you still with me, I have to say, this Knitcrate has the coolest yarn I have ever seen.

The title of my post is foreshadowing the awesomeness to come.

But first, the rest of the goodies:

Promo Card with Free Knit Pattern
Promo Card with Free Knit Pattern

The promo card is near and dear to my heart this month. The reason being is that my little ol’ shop is featured on it.

There are 4 different promos this month as well as the Free Pattern:

Note: as always, I don’t share the actual promo codes (just what the value is to demonstrate the total value of the Knitcrate), you have to subscribe to Knitcrate to get those.

1) 20% off the featured yarn (which you’ll see in a minute) in the KnitCrate shop. ($3.00 a skein savings)

2) 50% off any pattern at Emily Peter’s Ravelry shop. Her Octopus Mittens are so cool. ($2.00 to $3.00 average savings)

3) 40% off your whole purchase in my pattern store. (infinite amount of savings!!)

4) 20% off any needle set in the KnitCrate shop. There are crochet hooks under the link as well so I’m guessing the hooks might count as well. ($10.00 + savings) 

Free Pattern: Beaded Cushion by Nathalie O’Shea ($5.00) This is a very beautiful pattern, and I’ll be giving it away to one lucky winner. See near the end of the post for more details.

Honey mmmmm
Honey mmmmm

1.6 oz sample of Rare Hawaiian Organic Kiawe Honey (approx. $4.00)

I tried a bit of this honey and it is delicious!

Such fun tea names!
Such fun tea names!

0.9oz David’s Tea in Read My Lips (approx. $3.50)

This tea company has a really great website and the names for their teas are so cute (ie. Brazillionaire, Glitter and Gold). I can’t wait to try Read My Lips.

Ever crochet with possum?
Ever crochet with possum?

3 balls of Zealana Kauri in color K14 ($15 a ball)

I am so excited about this yarn. I’ve never seen this brand before, but after checking out their website, I’m instantly intrigued and can’t wait to make something with this yarn.

What’s so special about this yarn?

It’s all about the blend. This yarn is:

  • 60% New Zealand merino wool
  • 10% mulberry silk
  • 30% brushtail possum

Yes, I said possum, and no, I had never heard of using possum in yarn.

He's pretty cute.
He’s pretty cute.

This is a brushtail possum and fur traders introduced them to New Zealand  (where this yarn is from, hence the brand name of Zealana). However, because there are no natural predators to this fuzzy guy in New Zealand, he’s become way too overpopulated.

What the New Zealanders have found though is when combined with wool and cashmere, they produce over 50% more warmth in the garments made from them. That’s pretty impressive.

Plus the Kauri yarn is a part of their performance line. So each 94 yard ball of yarn is machine washable and less likely to pill. so it’s really easy to take care of. Plus it’s actually really soft and I can only imagine it getting softer with washing.

I encourage everyone to go check out Zealana’s website. It’s really interesting to read about the yarn, they give even more information about the possum and all of it’s cool benefits of being used in yarn.

Now for the giveaway.

As most of you know, I am not a great knitter so you get to benefit from this every month. I’m giving away my code to download the Knit Cushion pattern to one reader. All you have to do to enter is leave a comment in this post about what you think about possum yarn. I’ll pull a name on Valentine’s Day Friday Feb. 14th and they will get the code.

Bonus if you are only a crocheter.

If you are like me and only crochet, I am going to give away a copy of my Hearts Abound Fair Isle Crochet Pattern (since it is Valentine’s Day) on the same day as well.

You will enter the same way, by leaving a comment in this post about the possum yarn. Just be sure to add that you are a crocheter.

If you do both (Knit and Crochet) you can state that as well and you’ll be entered for both patterns. Good luck!

Make sure to follow the blog as well so you never miss a good giveaway.

Here is a video unveiling if you want to see more of the possum yarn (as I am now calling it).


  • Sally

    Very Cool!!! would love to try the possum yarn! I’m a crocheter : ) thank you for sharing your videos, I’m going to try out the frozen snowflake hat, just purchased this pattern from you on Ravelry : ) can’t wait to give it a try.

  • Amy

    I know that regular wool comes from sheep…but sheep don’t creep me out the same as possums…that being said, it still made me sad to read the comment above that mentioned that the possum fur was harvested after killing the possum. Not too keen on this wool…

    But I’d love to be entered for the knit pattern. Still haven’t learned the art of crochet…

  • Shveta

    I found your blog only recently through one of your fair isle hat patterns at For a long time I have been wondering how to incorporate the fair isle colors using crochet because I do not knit. And so glad I was to have found tutorials on your blog. I am eager to see what you will create with this mix of merino, silk and possum yarn.

  • marecrochets19

    I hate to be a spoilspor: I was sad to hear that the possums have given their lives for this yarn-even if they are overpopulated. Nature has a way of taking care of overpopulation…
    I’m both a knitter & a crocheter but would prefer the crochet prize (only enter me once!)

  • Lucy

    Possum yarn?! I would like to hear what you create with it. I crochet and have been enjoying your reviews of your knitcrate and yarnbox subscriptions.

  • Linda

    Wow Possum yarn, What will they think of next. I Crochet and Knit and would love to have a chance to win the Fair Isle pattern or the pillow pattern.

  • Cassandra

    Wow possum? Interesting! Love the color of it!! Been looking at doing a knit crate but they charge a bit for shipping to Canada,, maybe one day! 🙂 I think a nice crochet cowl would be great with that yarn.. I’ve tried knitting.. Not to great at it 😛

  • Adana Collins

    Wow! Possum yarn? Interesting…I’m not sure. In the summer I get at least one possum in the yard, it never occurred to me that their fur might be soft and perfect for crocheting. I am a crocheter and would love to win your fair isle crochet pattern. Thank you!

  • Christine Galindo

    This is so cool, I love how you let us experience your joy/excitement when opening the kits! I would love to be the winner of your “crochet” pattern. I really enjoy your blog, your tutorials and just about everything you post!

    • Christine Galindo

      I forgot to mention that it would be interesting to crochet with possum yarn, that would definitely be an experience. 🙂

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