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When You Don’t Like The Look Of A Chain 3 In Your Double Crochet

A viewer wondered if you could make a straight seam in double crochet when working in the round, but not have to use a chain 3 at the beginning of the round.

She asked and I created.

The video here will show you the straight seam in double crochet technique again, but this time you’ll learn how to make a beginning chain that creates an almost invisible seam.


  • chipnanna

    If I had a pattern that called for 2 Dc’s in the 1st stitch (counting the ch3 as a stitch), then, using the No Chain 3 method, would I : create tall ch and dc in the same stitch, then do a second dc in that same st also? (Being that the tall ch is not actually at st, it’s just used for height? Thank You!

  • Virginia Thompson

    When going to some crochet pattern sites to find patterns, the only thing I find to click on to down load the pattern takes me to a page to download a PDF converter. I have downloaded it but still get the same thing trying to download patterns at these sites. Help!

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