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Good News With The Bad

Today I received the latest edition of my Crochet Today subscription — but actually I didn’t.

You see, I received a letter stating that Crochet Today will no longer be published.

Good bye CT, I will miss you.
Good bye CT, I will miss you.

Without any warning, they are now out of business. I was very sad to hear of this, but there was a bright spot.

They replaced the Crochet Today issue that should have been there with a copy of Mollie Makes US edition.

Now on this side of the pond!
Now on this side of the pond!

My favorite UK crafting magazine is now offering a US version. Yay!!

Mollie Makes combines all kinds of crafts into a beautifully published magazine that I have coveted since the first issue I ordered digitally through my iPad.

I had held off on the print subscription though because it was close to $100 a year to make the trip from the UK to here. Though the print version did come with fun extras like crochet hooks and pin making kits, I just couldn’t find it in my heart and wallet to spend that much.

Now, however, the US subscription is only $24.99 for 12 issues. The cover price is a whopping $9.99 an issue so the subscription is definitely the way to go if you like this magazine as much as I do. There are a few questions I have that I will keep you updated on in case you are wondering like me.

1) The letter stated that the Mollie Makes would be sent in place of the Crochet Today issues that will never get to be made. However, Mollie is a monthly and CT is a quarterly so will I receive issues monthly until my subscription runs out in August? Since the subscription price is about the same I’m guessing I should get monthly issues. Fingers crossed.

2) Will the US edition of Mollie Makes have the monthly fun extra that the UK edition provides to its subscribers? I will probably subscribe either way as long as the quality of the magazine is on par with the UK version, but I just love the little kits (search Mollie Makes on eBay to see some) that they include.

So I’m sad to see Crochet Today go, but I’m super happy to see Mollie Makes US come.

Do you have a subscription to CT? What do you think about your Mollie Makes substitution? Let us know below.



  • Melissa

    Mollie Makes US is ceasing publication with the next issue (December 2014). As a Crochet Today subscriber who got the unwelcome switch, I’m not surprised. Googling to see what people think, I have seen nary a positive comment about the U.S. edition. Back in the beginning I wrote a letter to them about how I didn’t think the magazine would make it if they kept doing certain things like focusing on telling us about people’s etsy shops, not giving us many crafts, etc. They seemed not to be interested in what subscribers thought. I’m happy to see the balance of our subscriptions will be with Simply Crochet. I sure wish they had done that before–I was suspicious (right or wrong) that they chose to switch us to Mollie Makes in order to have a large starting subscriber base, to appeal to advertisers. Mollie Makes was an interesting idea, but it seemed to have such a lifestyle bent and contained such basic crafts (and few of them, at that). It was far too niche and contained very little useful content, especially for those who are experienced crocheters and prefer that craft. Though I do truly feel badly for anyone losing a job, I was thrilled to get the notice today that we’ll be switched to Simply Crochet, and I hope it will be welcome news for others, as well.

    • Deja Jetmir

      How interesting. I only received one issue from them. I’m pretty sure my subscription wasn’t done until this Nov. so I’m wondering if I will get any of the new Simply Crochet. Hmmm..

      • melissajt

        It’s for anyone whose subscription would have gone past the December issue of Mollie Makes. It’s so odd you haven’t gotten any more issues–you should contact them! Maybe your subscription was lost in the switch or something. I hope you can get it figured out and maybe get some crochet mags. 🙂 If you go on the Mollie Makes US site and click subscribe, there’s now a message about Mollie Makes USA ceasing publication ( ), although it looks like the information about Simply Crochet only went out to current subscribers (I received it in a snail-mailed letter.).

  • Emme Von

    I had a kindle subscription for Crochet today, and we were all cancelled before we got a letter. It was very surprising. and unfortunately, no make up mollie makes US.

  • luvmyferretz

    I live in the US and this the first that I have heard about this! What a shocker!
    So I wonder what we US subscribers will get.

  • Amber

    I was very said to get my letter too! Crochet Today! was one of my favorites. Mollie Makes is ok but I don’t much sewing. I do more knitting and crocheting so I am disappointed in that. All in all its an ok magazine but I’d be happier with the original.

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