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Finally Finished! Solomon’s Knot Necklace Scarf Free For You

Solomon's Knot Scarf Necklace
Solomon’s Knot Scarf Necklace

I received this Stargazer Silk and Sequins yarn in one of my first yarn subscription boxes. I started the pattern shortly after, but other projects took over and this one sat unfinished for a very long time.

Until now.

The Solomon’s Knot, or Love Knot, Scarf Necklace is a cute and super fast project. The video tutorial shows you how to work the simple Solomon Knot if you’ve never tried it before.

Download the pattern and watch the video tutorial here.

Lefties click here.

Check out the yarn review here to see how I like working with the yarn.


  • Odelia88

    Oh my gosh! My mom who is a righty has tried to teach me since I was a little girl how to crochet. Never worked. Found you at 50 and am so excited! I made a practice one-perfect. Now I am secretly making one for mom’s “grand finaley” gift for Christmas! (In our family “grand finaley ” gifts are handmade gifts made by family members for family members.) Can hardly wait for her to open it! Thank you for the easy lefty instructions and a great video!
    Merry Christmas!

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