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My projects

As I mentioned before, I signed up for Knit Lab: In the Round from Craftsy.

I went through and made all the project included and wanted to share my finished objects as well as give a pro and con overview of the class in case you were thinking of taking it.

You can see my items above (except for the headband with flower, (forgot to add that to the picture) and I think they came out quite well.

The actual class itself had some positives and negatives.


You work four different projects using four different methods of knitting in the round:

  1. With DPNs
  2. Using the Magic Loop
  3. Knitting Two at a Time
  4. Using a Single Circular Needle


None of the techniques go into depth of how to work them effectively.

For example, the instructor tells us to cast on one extra stitch for the magic loop and then slip it, but she doesn’t really show how she slipped it or what to do with it. I had an extra stitch that I had no idea what to do with it. Still trying to figure out what that extra stitch was for? Would’ve liked a little more description when working each of these techniques.


Very cute projects

I loved all of the projects and they were fun to do.


Not a lot of instruction for each project.

Maybe because there were so many projects, she kept the instructions short, but I was thinking this was a beginner class for working in the round. Instead it was more of a walkthrough of different methods and short instructions for the projects.

The beanie you see above was supposed to have colorwork, but I took out the colorwork because I didn’t know how to work it effectively. She states to make sure it doesn’t pucker by not pulling too tight on the strands, but doesn’t explain how to keep from doing that while working it with the magic loop. My was puckering a ton because I didn’t know how to space the stitches effectively on the hook and cable.

I get comments sometimes that my videos are too wordy, but I think it is the little things that can help the project be its best. Even if you aren’t a beginner, sharing little tricks you know can mean the difference on giving up on a project or having it make sense. I think the instructor would have been perfect if she could have added some of that in.


The class is great if you aren’t a total beginner at working in the round. If you’ve only worked on DPNs and want to know how to work other methods, I think this class would be perfect. Because you already have the general knowledge of working in the round, your projects would probably be terrific.

However, if you are a total newbie to working in the round, this class might frustrate you a little. The projects are gorgeous, but you will probably have to do some extra research to figure out the missing bits of the techniques.

You can check out the class and see the video intro by clicking the link below.

If you’ve taken the class, let us know what you thought of it.

I’m hoping my Knitcrate will have some sort of working in the round this month so I can get some holes filled in. I will check Craftsy for some more knitting in the round classes I can take and report back if any of them are more helpful.

Now I’m off to learn how to make socks.

  1. Knit Lab: In the Round


  • Carol Mitchell

    Ditto the comments above: going over details, thorough explanations, going through and showing step by step techniques, I’d call all of those things **helpful** not wordy! Keep doing what you do! πŸ™‚

  • Laura L.

    Congrats, Deja, on very cute finished projects.

    As for your videos being too wordy, I would toss those comments out the window, because all the inclusive instruction you give to your audience is so helpful and you explain not only ‘why’ you do ‘this or that’ but you also show exactly ‘how’ to do it which is the most important part of visual learning. I love your videos so, please, don’t ever change a thing…….you have the best crochet videos out there in my humble opinion. ☺

  • Cindy in NM

    I think your videos are some of the best I have seen and I recommend them to crocheters all the time. I have been crocheting for 53 years and always learn something from them. It is those little techniques and tips that aren’t documented anywhere that really help. Thanks for all you do!

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