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New Website and Much More Coming!

If you’ve stopped by my website today, you will have noticed a mess going on! I’ve been updating the website to bring more functionality and ease of use to it, and just a cleaner layout. It’s still a work in progress for some sections, but I wanted to let you check it out in the meantime.

Plus, I wanted to let you know that I’ve got some exciting news coming soon. If you don’t already follow my blog, Facebook page, or Instagram, it might be a good time to do so. I’ll be presenting a limited time special offer soon and don’t want anyone to miss out.

You can follow the blog with the sign-up sheet to the right. I’ve got an Instagram feed at the bottom of the page with a follow button, or you can use the pop-out menu on the left to follow my Facebook page. (Are you noticing I’m pointing out all the cool new stuff I’ve got going on here?)

In the meantime, poke around and have fun!

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