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Time For The Giveaway! Super Cute Owl Shawl Pin

Owl Shawl Pin
Owl Shawl Pin

I think you all know by now that I love owls. When I saw this pin, I knew I had to get one for myself, but I also wanted to share one with you guys.

So the newest giveaway will get you this cute little guy.

He is very lightweight at 2 1/4″ x 3″ and made of surina wood.

How to Enter

Leave a comment in this post with what you current WIP (work in progress) is to be entered.

Entries close Aug. 31s, 2014 midnight Pacific Time and the winner will be chosen and announced Monday, Sept. 1st.
Open to US residents only please and only one entry per person. 




  • Roxie

    The owl pin is sooo cute. I am currently working on an owl basket, owl stocking, owl earrings, afghan and bookmark. I just recently retired and am getting back to doing things I love. And, like you, I love owls. I am trying to use thread for some of my patterns of which I have difficulty using. Thank you for this offer.

  • Erin Sherbo

    What an adorable shawl pin! Since I’m starting to feel the first hints of Fall weather, my current WIP is a ribbed cowl neck poncho.

  • Kimberly bodkin

    This pin is super cute! I love owls. Even a little one hangs in my car 🙂 I have a few WIP. A fox hat, a hat and fingerless glove set, baby sweater and a holiday garland! Hope I win!

  • Kristie Cook

    My current WIP is a variegated thread type shrug with collar and 3/4 sleeves. The owl pin would look great with it!

  • Angie Ha

    I’m working on a crocheted chevron curtain for my craft space. Once it’s done, I’ll have to start a second for the other window…I better get cracking!

  • Jessica Oliveira

    This is adorable, thank you for the opportunity. I love owls and even use them for my logos. I am currently working on an asymmetrical triangle scarf/shawl so this would be perfect for it. This little shawl pic is just too adorable.

  • Nancy Born

    I am working on several Half Lotus Buntings to decorate my backyard for my upcoming retirement party. One is done and it is lovely! I have a friend who likes owls, so if I won the pin, I would likely give it to her (with a new shawl!) for Christmas.

  • raekess

    Only 1 WIP? LOL! Do people even do that? :p

    I’ve got two shawls, a wedding blanket, and a baby blanket as large projects right now. This owl is ADORABLE!

  • Lisa

    My currant work in progress is a liner for a laundry basket. Nice and lacy. I would love to be able to make a shawl for this pin too. Thanks for the chance.

  • georgia grisolia

    I have a grand daughter who loves Owls in all things and she just had a little baby boy. This would be so great for her to have.

    I am working on a sweater at the moment with another soon to be made, fall is coming fast!

  • Debbie James

    My WIP, well there are a few… the tree of love afghan for my daughter, a hat for my husband, a baby blanket for a friend, and a fall poncho for myself. Love the owl pin! Happy crocheting!

  • Corrine

    Loving the owl pin! I’m working on coasters for my house (whilst I recover from knee surgery). Crochet helps make everything better.

  • Leslie Frey

    I am working on a lacy sweater that will use up 2 leftover yarns. I never put buttons on my
    sweaters. I use pins. Perfect for me!

  • Frances

    I just love this pin. I collect owls and anything to do with them. This would look great on a knit shawl I am working on!!

  • Cathy Thompson

    I actually have 4 projects on-going; the owl basket, owl coasters, owl tablet cover which are all for my grand-daughter (she’s a senior in HS & getting ready to go-away to college) & owls are her favorite which she wants to decorate her place when she leaves. The fourth project is for my grand-son who requested a new afghan since he is now 6 foot 2 inches & his last afghan is too small.
    The owl shawl pin would be perfect for my grand-daughter since she loves owls & wears them a lot too (like you). Thanks!

  • Jacqui Morse

    Right now I’m designing a phone pouch for an Iphone5 in Otterbox, so that I can carry the phone round my neck rather than deep in the recesses of my purse. I’m also working as a tester for a Ravelry member, making a shawl which, I think, would be perfect for this particular shawl pin. I’m also making a pink scarf for the local breast cancer unit and a hooded cowl for my step-daughter.

  • Katherine McKamey

    my current WIP is an arm knitted shawl for a friend’s birthday. The owl pin would be an awesome addition to the gift!!

  • Annette

    I have two WIP hot off the hook and they happen to be your patterns!! Owl Basket and Owl Basket 2. I just love the looks of the baskets. My current work is Happy Harlequin blanket by Felted Button.

  • Leslie

    I just recently found your tutorials on our Roku. I liked them and found them to be very informative and done so they are easy to follow. I’ve recently started learning how to crocheting.
    I saw the tutorial on broomstick shawl tutorial and liked it. I would like to try it at some when I get better at the basics. My WIP is a blanket.

  • Sandy Noe

    Just bought the Owl basket pattern and can’t wait to complete it. Several works in progress include baby dresses, baby cowboy boots, Sashay scarfs, baby crochet costumes. Love the owl and can’t wait to add it to my collection.

  • Carol Ann

    Hi! I am making a triangle granny square – developing it into a shawl for my Mother In Law. Learned from your tutorial, thanks for posting it.

  • Cherie Hart-Spicer

    My current WIP is a simple triangle shawl crocheted in Lion Brand Heartland – a simple shawl that totally needs an owl shawl pin to dress it up!

  • barbara whittall

    Love the owl pin and was so happy that youu are showing how to use the broomstick stitch. After watching you initially teaching this very interesting stitch I have been practicing in between finishing a blanket for my daughter’s friend’s new baby. I enjoy all your tutorials have learned much. Thankyou ,Barbara

  • Oakley

    I’m currently working on your broomstick lace shawl 🙂 It’s absolutely beautiful! I’m making it for my boyfriends Aunt for her wedding present. I tried making a doll for her but people said it was creepy >.< Nothing creepy with a shawl though 😀

    • Molly

      I am currently working on a quilt for my son, but just got the new Blossom and Broomsticks Infinity Scarf Pattern and am looking forward to starting that as soon as I finish the quilt.

  • Pat Kowalski

    Awesome Owl! I’m working on plarn can cozies and other plarn items, hoping to sell them at a craft fair this fall!

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