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Must Own

Must buy now.

I really, really need to buy these Clover Amour Crochet Hook Set like right now. I already own and love my basic Clover Crochet hook set, the handles are comfortable and I love the natural stopping point for my yarn that they provide.

But now Clover has gone and made a color coded set. I don’t know what it is about colorful things, but they instantly make me happier — especially when they are in the pattern of a rainbow. Though these hooks are probably in every way the same as my old, and now boring beige, hooks, the color just calls to me to buy them.

So don’t be surprised if in my upcoming tutorials and free pattern workshops that you see a more colorful item (and I’m not talking about the project I’m making). It’s just a matter of time before I crack and find some kind of justification for buying what is essentially the same hooks I already own.

Anyone already own these? Please either talk me off the ledge, or push me over with your love for them. I would love to hear what you think.

Who can resist the pretty colors?
Who can resist the pretty colors? Looks like the set includes B through J (or 2.25mm through 6mm) with the elusive “7” (4.5mm) included.

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  • Christine Galindo

    I ordered that set from Amazon awhile back and boy do I LOVE them, they are now my go to hooks, I wish they made a couple larger ones like a K and L. They are so comfortable in my hand and the yarn just slides off!
    Did I say I LOVE THEM!! =)

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